Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Masks Review


Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Masks Review

I have used a few of them I can say their effects don’t seem MIND BLOWING, however, the ones I have used all felt really nice and soothing. The experience as much as anything was a pleasant experience. I’ve used the masks while bathing and relaxing. I’ve used them while reading in bed. Since the masks leave my face feeling, at the least, a little nicer than before– I figure cumulative effects should be better. We shall see and I will update this review if I find anything good or bad over the long term.

So this set addresses a wide array of needs. There are some on here I may not use often, may not repurchase individually, or may not use at all. I have a bit of concern over the milk and the rice versions as they sound soothing but they have mineral oil in them as a main ingredient. I have oil skin and some oils aren’t bad for me – some even feel great! – but mineral oil is a little ew for me. I haven’t decided if I will gift them to a dry-skinned friend instead of trying them. Aside from those two exceptions I am eager to try the rest but for now I have only used three, and have already ordered them individually, I liked them so well for my oily (but maturing a bit, at 36 yrs old) skin. They are:

Tea Tree, Seaweed and Resveratrol versions. All three felt cool and soothing while I enjoyed the 30 minutes of “spa-time”. When I removed the mask and swabbed my face, neck and chest with the remaining essence– it was cooling, then dried to a soft finish. Not sticky at all.


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