[TONYMOLY] My Sunny Touch Free Sun Block

Shake before use. Gently squeeze the tube to produce product onto the sponge applicator attached. Dab onto the skin in circular motions from outside of the face, in… (i.e.- Forehead and cheeks towards the nose, chin, between the eyebrows, etc.). The sunscreen has a slight tint, perfect for a base.



About the Product
  • 40% of moisture base with strong sun protection soothes and cool irritated skin.
  • Moisture protection shield protecting skin from fine dust and harmful environment.
  • Aloe vera leaf /water lily extract moisture skin and provide vitality.
  • Easy changeable puff, puff in content easy to carry and use while tapping gently for application.
  • No parabens, triclosan-free, non-tar dyes, no mineral oil, non-benzophenone-5, Triethanolamine-free, non-polyacrylamide, non-organic UV filters
  • Smooth finish
  • Pink-Beige tint


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